Web applications Agile software development to power your business

We build web platforms that help companies work smarter. Using agile processes (adapted to fit the reality of real-world budgets) our team create web applications that will power-up your business and delight your customers.

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SaaS development From brainwave to MVP in just 12 weeks

Our supercharged SaaS development is broken down into three components. It starts with 10 hours with our founders to flesh out your idea. Then it’s 10 developer days to build a proof-of-concept that can be shown to potential customers and backers. From there it’s 10 developer weeks to create a commercial MVP. With no commitment to proceed from one stage to the next, it’s a low-risk, high-velocity route to market.

Data and Machine learning Extracting value from data to help you you work smarter

Big data is not always meaningful data. We help companies identify the right data to collect and how to leverage it to inform their business decisions.

Strategy Helping small companies think big

In every small business there comes a point where an increasing admin workload stops you focusing on the bigger picture. Our founders will help you identify processes that can be simplified and automated – freeing you up to work on your business (instead of for it). It all starts with one of our discovery missions.

our discovery missions

The ruby academy helping new developers learn coding
for the real world

Ruby boot camps are a great way to start your coding career. Our academy moves you from bootcamp into the world of real-world code and projects. Learn from expert developers and see your code in production apps (after peer review and QA of course)

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Away team Build an in-house web team with expert back up

Our ‘away team’ package helps you build in-house developer resource with a level of oversight, security and backup that greatly reduces the risks associated with building your own micro-team.

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Add some rocket fuel to your business

We’ve been building awesome software for more than 17 years. Let’s talk about what we can do for you.

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