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Nauts on board Your in-house outsourced development team

Our unique Nauts on board solution provides a cost-effective way for you to get the benefits of having your own web team without all the management overhead. For a fixed monthly fee we’ll provide a 'virtual' web team comprising a Chief Technical Officer backed by a UX consultant and superstar developers.

Just some of the ways Nauts on board is a win–win proposition.


Quarterly strategy meetings with our founders
Regularly reviewed roadmaps (based on business priorities)
Advice on how emerging technologies could benefit your business
Insight into wider developments in online business


Continuous development resource
2x on-site days per month
Agile and pro-active approach
Sprint-based workflow
Increased developer engagement

Hosting & Maintenance

Secure and reliable hosting (VPS)
Software and security updates
Priority maintenance response
Performance optimization

Add some rocket fuel to your business

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